Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing our products, if you have other questions, please use contact page.
One package containing 30 grams of powder is sufficient for a treatment lasting 2-3 months. The product should be rubbed in circular movements for 3 minutes, then left on the teeth for another two. Consistency is very important with this method. It is also worth remembering that the powder may not bring the expected results if you have very yellow teeth.
Teeth whitening with Coco Glam is really easy and can be done anywhere, thanks to the included adapters - iOS, Android, USB-C, USB. All you need to do is connect the LED kit to your phone or laptop and start the whitening process.

Connect the cable to the selected power source and coat it or teeth with the preparation that is closed in a pen. Then put the mouthpiece in your mouth, grit your teeth on it and turn on the LED lights with the button on the cable. One session lasts only 16 minutes and guarantees the first results.

Coco Glam recommends a white diet during teeth whitening and at least two weeks after the end of the treatment. Remember that the final effect depends on the original colour of your teeth and discoloration. The most important thing, however, is to consult a dentist before making any decisions about teeth whitening, who will assess whether we can afford it.
Cocoglam recommends to use whitening kit for seven days to achieve the most satisfactory results.
Coco Glam is a natural teeth whitening powder. Its composition is 100% natural. If a woman is not allergic to any of the ingredients, she can use it as much as possible.
Our product consists of 4 ingredients. So it's not just activated carbon. Coco Glam does not have ordinary charcoal. Only processed coal that does not have a high RDA (degree of abrasion).
If you have sensitive teeth, we do not recommend using any teeth whitening product. If someone has sensitive gums, we recommend using a super-soft brush and sucking coconut oil.
First of all, you have to remember that Coco Glam is a tooth whitening powder, not a paste. It has a different structure. Therefore, you should brush your teeth gently in circular movements and not scrub as when using toothpaste. Use a very soft toothbrush and rinse your mouth well after the entire treatment and then brush your teeth with the toothpaste.
Yes! All of our products are 100% Vegan
Yes! All of our products are Cruelty-Free.
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